The BOAGS and its committees proudly boast about our amazing hospitality. You will experience an opening ceremony event, access to the Oilmen’s Room which will give you a chance to sit with industry leaders, not to mention the opportunity to showcase your business!

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A list of 2019 Exhibitors coming soon.

  Name Booth
Exhibitor 1 1
Exhibitor 2 30
Exhibitor 3 45
Exhibitor 4 6
Exhibitor 5 12
Exhibitor 6 27
Exhibitor 7 3
Exhibitor 8 9
Exhibitor 9 11
Exhibitor 10 19
  Name Booth
Exhibitor 11 4
Exhibitor 12 39
Exhibitor 13 22
Exhibitor 14 2
Exhibitor 15 24
Exhibitor 16 27
Exhibitor 17 31
Exhibitor 18 30
Exhibitor 19 16
Exhibitor 20 13


When you register to participate in the BOAGS, you will receive an Exhibitor Information Package that will include dates, times, exclusives and all information that will help make this event stress-free. If you have any additional questions contact us for more info and we will be happy to help.

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Looking to be an Exhibitor?

If you are looking to join the list of exclusive businesses that will be participating in the BOAGS, but would like additional information, call us at 780-826-3252.

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